Quilter's house scroll the image below

The Quilter's house has a conservatory off the kitchen, much as I imagined in Penelope's house in The Shell Seekers by Rosamunde Pilcher.

The conservatory is a Houseworks kit.



The English kitchen has chairs, table and sideboard built from kits.

The cabinet under the window and the wall cupboard holding my hand-painted dishes are from a kit-bashed Chrysnbon kitchen cupboard kit. I built the wall cabinet holding canned produce, and the shelves on the right wall.


Living Room:

The quilter has her sewing machine in a corner of the living room...

and a stash of fabrics stored under the stairs. Windsor chairs are by Bill Clinger. The wicker tea table is by Barbara Tate and the Tiffany lamp by the Kummerows.



Upstairs there's a combination bedroom/bath. The vanity is a Small Pleasures kit with a Chrysnbon ladder back chair. The easy chair is by Ruth Windheim.

The small etagere was made with "Tiny Turnings" after one I saw in Victoria magazine. I painted the Chrysnbon pitcher with roses to hold the flower arrangement.


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